Action Alert: Please write to the CPS for Sam

In this recent article – How can you serve a decade in prison for a crime you didn’t commit?Sam’s supporters share how Cardiff Innocence Project have been trying to access Sam’s missing paperwork via the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

After several requests, the CPS have still not even responded.

We are asking supporters of Sam to ideally print and post an adapted version of the template letter below to the CPS.

Where to send it:

Joanne Jakymec Chief Crown Prosecutor,
CPS Wessex,
3rd Floor
Black Horse House
8-10 Leigh Road
SO50 9FH

Or via

Template Letter

Dear Ms Jakymec,

I am writing to express concern that your office has now failed to respond to three requests made via the Centre for Criminal Appeals Solicitors.  The first request was, we believe, made in February of this year and the most recent request was made on 1st June this year.  A read and delivery notification was requested on that message and it was both delivered and opened on the same day but no response at all has been received to this or either of the two previous emails.
The most recent email sent by solicitor Suzanne Gower is re-produced below.  I trust you wil agree that there can be no possible justification for the failure to respond to, or even acknowledge, a request received and read over two months ago, let alone the previous request now spanning a period of around six months.
We urge you to examine your procedures and accountability for these failing and respond immediately to the requests reasonably made through a law firm as your guidance indicates such requests should be.
I look forward to your reply to this letter and a positive and prompt response to the request made by the Centre for Criminal Appeals.
Yours sincerely

Sent to:

Dear Sirs

We have previously sent 2 prior messages about this matter, to which we have not yet received a response.  We would be grateful if you could please acknowledge receipt of this by return email and notify us of the identity of the person who will be dealing with our query.
I am a solicitor at the Centre for Criminal Appeals, a non-profit law practice who investigate miscarriage of justice cases.  We work in partnership with a number of universities and we are writing on behalf of one of our partners, the Cardiff University Law School Innocence Project.
They have been asked to screen the case of Samantha Faulder (Date of Birth 10.7.61) who was convicted of murder at Winchester Crown Court in September  2009.  The relevant URN was  55CN0489208.

Unfortunately due to the passage of time, all of Ms Faulder’s previous representatives have destroyed the papers that they held and it has not been possible for the team at Cardiff to obtain access to any of the documents they require for them to conduct a review of the case, which they believe to be a potential miscarriage of justice.
In order for this screening to take place, the team at Cardiff will require sight of the following documents which we believe that you hold:
§  Pathology/Post mortem Reports.
§  Forensic science reports – (we seem to have just one).
§  Prosecution and defence statements.
§  Unused Schedule
§  Crime Scene Reports
§  Custody Records
§  Officers Reports, Notebooks etc
§  Admissions/Agreed facts
§  Photographs/maps videos etc

Please find enclose a copy of Ms Faulder’s agreement for this information to be shared.

Should you have any queries about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at this office.

Yours sincerely,

Suzanne Gower | Managing Director, Solicitor
Centre for Criminal Appeals 
Room 29, 2-10 Princeton Street, London, WC1R 4BH | 020 7040 0019 / 0207 734 2617