Poem – I’m Just Sam

You’re a screw so why do you try to befriend me?
Then you say on paper you fought I sounded like a monster!
Wot did you expect coz I don’t understand?
Yer I’ve assaulted screws and had the whole jail on lockdown
I barricaded thru pure frustrations, anger and hurt
However I’m a peacelover, I’m just Sam
I cannot swallow anymore corruption as I’ve already overdosed!
You told me I took a hostage and I allowed you 2
The girl had her ROTLS due and I wanted her to hold her children
Whereas I’m doing a life sentence, so have nothing to lose
Take my TV and lock me in like an animal, if that’s the best you can do
Yer I went crazy after a few months in your seg
The beatings and isolation drove me mad, but still I survive
You left me cold and naked so those walls became my friends
Why did you want 2 see me broken in 2 a million pieces
Weak with heartfelt cries, my head bowed and no eye contact?
The accused of assaulting another screw in a different jail
WTF, ghosted 2 this jail at 7am cos I asked 4 the CCTV evidence
Hello listen you already know I was the one assaulted
Does my mental health offend you?
Does my bipolar offend you?
Coz you seem 2 take it awfully hard
I’m so used 2 your bitter twisted lies
But your hatefulness will never kill my spirit
As my cell is full of love and happiness
And I laugh just the same as when I was free
I dance and you’d be surprised if you saw me
Coz that’s the true Sam dancing and singing with life’s losers
You’ll be writing me down in history when I prove I don’t belong here
So fuck your system, 2 fingers up 2 you
I’m still full of anger, but I sure damn will SURVIVE…