Some positive cancer news!

We have some brilliant(ish) news about Sam’s cancer and general health.

As you may have read in Sam’s most recent cancer timeline (, in May 2018 she was told she would need chemoradiotherapy because the cancer and AIN3 (pre-cancer) had returned following surgery in January.

As is usual in prison, she was left waiting with unanswered questions. She finally had an MRI and CT scan which miraculously showed the cancer had not spread to other organs. They believed it had gone in her lymph to her vagina but biopsies showed this was some form of scarring from her surgery and not a tumour.

She was told in July that the cancer that had regrown was so small (less than 1mm) it was not appropriate to have such serious treatment at this stage due to being in such a high-risk environment in prison.

However, she has to go back to hospital every 8 weeks for check-ups on the spread and if conditions change she will have chemoradiotherapy.

Right now, however, Sam is elated that she doesn’t have to have chemo and that the cancer has not spread! She is incredibly lucky to have such a slow-growing form of cancer, we fear if it had been anywhere else, her story would end very differently especially with the intense levels of neglect in prison.

We will keep you posted on all the 8-week checks! We can now focus our energy on Sam’s appeal and winning her freedom. She wants to communicate her huge gratitude to everyone who has supported her on this journey.