Support Sam with her Cancer Treatment

image-768x526We are sad to announce that Sam has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. After 9 years of hell in the British prison system, she now faces her biggest challenge yet.

Sam’s best friend Nicole is currently fundraising to support her to support Sam. She writes:

For the last 7 years I have supported Sam alone, spending most of my income on prison visits, phone credit and travel costs to help her survive and appeal her sentence. I have never asked for financial help before.

Right now I am fundraising to help with these costs:

– subletting a room in London so I can go to hospital with her each week day (circa £400-600)

– travelling to HMP Peterborough every weekend (circa £80 each weekend)

– extra phone credit for Sam to call me more as her main source of emotional support (circa £25 per week)

– sending money to Sam for extra food etc in the prison as prison sick pay is only £2.50 per week (circa £25 per week)

My needs exceed this fundraiser however I am so aware of how many people around the world need financial support. This fundraiser is aimed at friends who can afford it, please don’t contribute if you’re on a super low income and trying to simply survive yourself. Thank you for your care and solidarity, it means the world to me and Sam.

To donate to the fundraiser please follow this link: